"Strong Families = Strong Communities"

You Made It Possible!

Thank You card

799,993 thanks!  

We are grateful to all the individuals, businesses, & organizations who helped us

raise $799,993 in money, value of volunteer time, or in value of donated goods and services!  

Kids Incorporated is required by our Early Head Start grant

to raise $1 for every $4 we receive from our grant.

 (And oh, by the way, you can't use grant money to raise money...

so you have to raise extra funds to cover the costs of raising the match!)  

We appreciate the many dedicated volunteers, individuals & groups

who donated their time at a value of $288,457!  

(We send a special thanks to the parents in our program who volunteered their time!)

We appreciate all who donated goods & services valued at $281,814!  

We appreciate the $229,722 we received from grants and donations

(from the largest down to the pennies left in our donation jar at our front desk!).  

We appreciate those entities who approved and funded our grant applications.  

We appreciate our Board of Directors & our Early Head Start Policy Council.

We appreciate our community partners who referred volunteers,

partnered with us throughout the year as well as those who participated in

Kidsfest (our largest event for raising matching funds!)

And last, but not least, we appreciate our dedicated staff

who help train, supervise and submit the required reports

for our volunteer program and our donations (in-kind and $) program.

We know it's a lot of work, but it's worthwhile.  

Especially when you see the results of families moving towards self-sufficiency,

children meeting their developmental milestones,

children who enrolled as Part C (special needs) children

who are no longer designed Part C because of the early intervention of

therapists, staff and family members.  

Our Early Head Start program is proof indeed that it does take a village 

and when the "village" wraps their collective arms

around an at-risk family with an infant or toddler positive results occur!  

Thanks again to everyone who helped us achieve our goal in FY 13-14!

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