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March 30, 2018


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Meet sisters Acorria and Asa!

When Acorria started our program at our Parkway EHS center in Leon County in August 2016, she had no word development; was unable to hold a spoon or drink from a cup; and had little to no social interaction with other children.

Thanks to a consistent attention to care from her family and our staff, speech therapy, and a frenotomy, Acorria currently displays outstanding social skills, empathy for others, and a great imagination all while doting on little sister Asa!

Acorria also receives occupational therapy that has greatly assisted in her ability to focus and complete tasks. She’s recently mastered putting her socks and shoes on and is currently working on spatial shape identification.

Asa started our program in August 2017. Twice a week she joins her big sister in working with occupational and speech therapists to improve upon developmental skills that she finds challenging.

When the sisters greet their mom with a big smile and hugs at the end of the day we’re reminded of the importance of our mission to support families with young children through quality early learning that incorporates health and family services.

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