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Community Outreach

If you attend a community event, you’ll often find Kids Incorporated volunteers sharing information about our organization and its services.  You’ll also find them providing hands-on activities for children (we’d be bored simply handing out brochures and bragging to folks about ourselves!).  And we know every parent has heard the phrase, “there’s nothing to do; I’m bored!” from their child from time-to-time.

We get invited to a lot of community events and try to send volunteers to as many as we can make, so if you see us out & about, please stop by our table, try some of our activities and take home a “Recipes for Fun” brochure (it’s also available on our publications page).  The “recipes” are not for items to eat; they’re recipes to make something a child can play with using household items.  We change most of the activities in the brochure at least once a year, however, we always include two recipes:  Oobleck and Gak.

Oobleck (a mixture of cornstarch and water) and Gak (liquid glue and liquid starch) are used in child care settings to help children learn sensory skills.  You can shape Oobleck into a ball and then it “melts” in your hands.  Gak can be shaped & pulled - we’ve had volunteers and children stretch a “string” of Gak across Adams Street, and stretched out to a thin cloud-like shape.  (P.S.  Even if you don’t have children, check out these recipes; Gak & Oobleck are great stress relievers for grown-ups!).

If you’re holding a community event, please extend an invitation to Kids Incorporated.  While we can’t accept all invitations due to volunteer schedules, etc., we’ll do our best to be at as many as we can.  Simply forward an invitation to and we’ll do our best to be there!  And if you would like to be a community outreach volunteer, please let us know and we’ll be happy to sign you up!

Also, you’ll find additional activities to do with your children in our FunMation electronic newsletter which we email each month to those requesting it (copies of recent FunMation newsletters can also be found on our publications page).  And check us out on Pinterest; we’ve got a Children’s Activities “board” where we share ideas of things your child can do themselves and with family members. 

Success Stories

Meet the Renner Triplets

Tienge and Jim Renner longed to become parents and they were delighted when they received word that Tienge was expecting.  The good news was followed by even bigger news…times 3 when they were told they were expecting triplets.  Tienge and Jim realized the blessing they had received and understood as well the challenges they would soon be facing.  Tienge was placed on bed rest for the last months of her pregnancy and the babies were born several months early.  Mom had used most of her leave prior to delivery, so Dad stayed home after their birth to care for the children before returning to his job. 

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