Kids Incorporated

Who We Are

Kids Incorporated is the only community-based organization providing quality, comprehensive services and shaping futures of at-risk families with children ages 0-3 and pregnant women in Jefferson, Leon & Madison counties, Florida.

Founded in 1972 by the late Budd Bell, a community volunteer with a Masters in Social Work, Budd recognized the need for affordable, high quality early learning programs for families with young children.  What began in the basement of First Presbyterian Church serving 25 families with preschool children has evolved over the past 4 decades.  Our name and our services have changed over the years, but one constant remains:  to best serve a child, we must serve the family.

Kids Incorporated is a United Way member agency providing Early Head Start services to families at six locations.  We continue to demonstrate through our leadership and services that we are a provider of high quality early childhood services.  Through these services to infants & toddlers and their families, we are shaping futures and strengthening families in the communities we serve.

Our Mission

Supporting and educating families with young children through quality early learning, health & family services.

Our Vision

All children & families reach their full potential.

Our Impact

A life of early learning

Research has shown the importance in a child’s life of early learning. Here are just a few key facts:

  • The critical window for emotional develop occurs between birth & 18 months of age
  • The majority of a person’s vocabulary is formed by age 3
  • Neurological foundations for math & logic are formed by age 4
  • 50% of a child’s intelligence is formed by age 5

In short, it’s never too early to intervene in a child’s life. Singing to a child in utero, reading to infants, reciting children’s poems, playing music when pregnant – can have a positive impact on a child’s development.

Each time a family with an infant or toddler, or a pregnant woman enrolls in our program, we begin to help shape the lives of that family. We begin by building a relationship with the entire family and our program’s structure is set up to engage the entire family. Because we are an outcome-based program, we have the local statistics and measureable results to prove we are having a strong, positive impact in the lives of the families we serve and in our communities.

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